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A word from Alice

  • Inspiration station

    I have created an 'inspiration station' or mood board /zone or just an area of my studio dedicated to things I want to be looking at. 

    The idea was suggested by my good friend Louise who I sat back to back with on our Art Foundation year. One of the biggest joys of that year was having a space that had 3 walls that surrounded you and you were encouraged to fill it with things that inspired you, that you were working on, ideas you were playing around with all part of the project or brief you were working on. At the end of that project the whole lot would come down and the white walls would return as the new project started. Soon it would be filled with the colours and ideas for the next phase. 

  • Beginner's Botanical Watercolour Workshops...

    This workshop came about because I use watercolours to work in. People have asked how I create my artwork and so I have been trying to break my process down into stages - and in this case, workshops. 

    As teaching watercolour is such a huge topic and not actually possible in just an hour and a half to two hours, I wrote this workshop with that timescale in mind. What we have is a bite sized introduction to the medium of watercolour. During the workshop we play about with basic watercolour techniques and start to build confidence using the paint

    .Beginner's Botanical Watercolour Workshop by Alice Draws The Line

  • A big move

    I have news. I'm getting a studio space! as of February 1st (everything crossed). You may not know, but I currently work predominantly from a small...