March meet the maker - part 2 – Alice Draws The Line

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March meet the maker - part 2

Hello! The second March meet the maker blog post. Today I'm going to cover the posts that have happened since I was last here as I haven't been posting on Instagram this year. 

So, we have 5 prompts today - 

- Newest make

- Work in progress

- Learning curve

- Small detail

- Portrait.

Here we go!

Newest make

My current newest make which are these two greeting cards - the Hellebores and the Roses. I actually have something new at the printers but as it's not back with me yet we'll have to go with these!

Hellebores and Roses greeting cards by Alice Draws the Line


I loved these botanical illustrations that I drew last year and decided to let them out into the world via greeting cards.


 Work in progress

I have started work on an A1 piece. I haven't worked on this scale since my A'levels (20 years ago). The inspiration behind it was this photograph, taken on a recent walk near the studio.

Inspiration photo starting point by Alice Draws the Line 

From here I did a quick study on A3 sketchbook paper -

Initial landscape study on A3 sketchbook paper by Alice Draws the Line iPad landscape by Alice Draws The Line

From here I then used the same starting point for one of my daily drawings - for the month of March I'm trying to do these all on the iPad to get used to it and find ways of creating on it. So, the right hand image is created that way, with the app called Procreate.

On Saturday I started to work on an A1 version on canvas at the studio, and the stage the piece has got to so far (a work in progress indeed). My phone, pencil and coffee cup hopefully help to show the scale - and the fact the canvas is the same width as the kitchen table I often work at in the studio.

A1 canvas ready for the piece to commence, by Alice Draws The Line A1 landscape picture work in progress by Alice Draws the Line

Learning curve

2020 was a learning curve. In 2019 I had started running more and more workshops. I had lots booked in for 2020 and when the pandemic broke these were all cancelled. Prior to 2020 I had also only sold on Etsy and having all my eggs in one basket suddenly felt very vulnerable - if they changed a setting then I had no control over the outcome on my little shop there. Also, the postage prices changed quite dramatically last year. All these factor have meant that my previously best selling products (the enamel mugs) became less cost effective for me. This is still something I'm working though. 

However, there is always a positive - I developed a downloadable alternative to  'Draw the Line' - my beginner's guide to drawing workshop. I have started recording videos for an alternative to the in-person Brush Lettering workshop. I moved my website to here and set up a shop here on the same site so that Etsy wasn't the only option available. 

Small Detail

In 2020 I made a quill pen from a feather. 

I like the unpredictable line that I can create when I draw with it. I've also rediscovered how much I enjoy using highlights of gold ink. This is a small detail from this piece.

Gold ink and details by Alice Draws the Line


I have gone for this image - not a classic portrait but one that encapsulates me quite well I think. This was taken last summer. With the camera set on a timer and wedged in the card stand in the studio. I was looking through the original pieces that I had made ahead of my exhibition at the Secret Hills Discovery centre, and just enjoying the moment; with a cup of tea, in an old favourite jumper, fun frock and golden sandals - small things individually which make up a happy memory for me.

Portrait of Alice Draws the Line in her studio

See you soon for the next few prompts from this year's #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge.