A big move – Alice Draws The Line

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A big move

I have news.

I'm getting a studio space! as of February 1st (everything crossed). You may not know, but I currently work predominantly from a small spare room in the house - which has become a cramped enamel mug warehouse. There are greeting cards on bookshelves in the sitting room, and water bottles on another bookshelf. There is a guillotine and workshop resources on the coffee table and wrapping paper stored under the bed. Parcels awaiting their journey to the post office lurk on the kitchen table and there are some sale or return items from a gallery that are currently sitting on the sofa. So, as you can imagine, the idea of a separate studio space is making me deliriously happy. To increase the excitement even more is the fact that the lovely rustic space has been running as a shop up until the very start of this month, so not only will it be my studio space to work in, it will also be open to visitors as I'll be able to have my work and products on display. February (when I get the keys) still feels very far away but I know it'll be here before I know it!Alice Draws The Line Studio