Spring things – Alice Draws The Line

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Spring things

This time of year is so exciting. I love spotting signs of spring developing and here are some images from my camera roll this week.
Hazel catkins and flowers in the spring sunshine by Alice Draws the Line
Hazel catkins and pink female flower on the bud, in the morning spring
Witch hazel flowers - these are amazing. I’ve drawn them this week too. I’ll pop them in another blog post.
Hawthorn leaf burst photo by Alice Draws the Line
The hawthorn is bursting into leaf - I first spotted some on Saturday and since then have spotted it everywhere!
Willow leaves by Alice Draws the Line
The Willow leaves are also growing fast - the whole tree is glowing in it’s lime green glory. 
Blackthorn blossom nearly blooming by Alice Draws the Line
The Blackthorn blossom is also about to burst - the little flowers will be open in no time if the sun continues!
Sycamore buds growing by Alice Draws the Line
The sycamore buds are growing! Won’t be long before these start to open.
Larch needles by Alice Draws the Line
Looking really closely at the Larch I spotted some brand new needles starting to form too! Soon there will be so much bright green about!
Ash in flower, captured by Alice Draws the Line
I also spotted Ash flowers this week - they caught my eye just above my head and I had to pull the branch down to see properly, but sure enough there they were!
Hellebores and snowdrops
I love the colours here - the Hellebores and the snowdrops - this was taken at Croft Castle at the weekend. 
Winter honeysuckle by Alice Draws the Line
Some winter honeysuckle -also spotted at Croft Castle.
Blossom spotting
Blossom spotting continued at Croft Castle!