Brush lettering commission – Alice Draws The Line

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Brush lettering commission

I had the pleasure of creating a really enjoyable piece of brush lettering recently. A customer approached me with some words that they wanted written out to sit alongside two other artworks on a wall in their home. 

They bought the other artworks to the studio so we could look at the pieces and the colours used and to work out how this piece - a poem, could sit with them. 

We decided to pick out a blue and the grey that had been used in the other pieces and I mixed the colours throughout all the lettering.

The piece related to the seaside and so these colours worked really well. Here are some extracts from it. 

First up - on the light box - 

bespoke brush lettering for a customer by Alice Draws the Line

I started the piece by working out the spacing. We knew the final size they wanted so that it would sit with the other pieces on the wall. From there I worked out what scale to do the letters to fit it to that piece. Underneath the watercolour paper used for the final piece is the mapped out lettering - worked out and then written in black felt tip so I can see it through when the light box is on.

brush lettering on the light box by Alice Draws the Line

I used a mix of colours - greyscale and blues, chosen to complement the pieces it will sit next to on the wall.

colour graduation in the brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line

This image shows the different colours used and how words looked with the different colours in them.

colour testing as I went

I had a strip of watercolour paper next to me to test each colour and make sure there was the right amount of ink on the brush before adding the next colour to the piece.

a longer extract from the piece brush lettered by Alice Draws the Line

 A longer extract.

I'm now having a play with a poem that my sister wrote for me - hopefully something I can display in the studio.