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Doing the things I like to do

I recently read how few weeks there are until the end of the year, and how it’s a good idea to make a plan if there are things you want to get done in a set time frame. So I thought about what I’d like to do between now and Christmas and I made a list!

I thought about what I want to do each week and I wrote out a list. Having it on a piece of paper on my desk is helping me to actually do the things! 

Things on my list…

1. Regular newsletters

2. Regular blog posts

3. Original artwork - I really enjoyed getting original pieces together for my exhibition back in September and would like to do more exhibitions. In order to do this I need to keep creating original work. I loved working on bigger pieces of paper, particularly on my piece ‘Garden Glory’ and so I am currently working on pieces in a similar style and size.

4. Play with paint - making time to do experimental work, to use different mediums and not worry about the end result but play with the process

5. Walks- I’ve got a bit out of the habit of going for regular walks and taking photos which is one of my favourite things to do and very easy to do. I’m back on the case!

6. See friends- having this on the list will hopefully nudge me so I make sure I make plans, so far it is working!

7. Artist’s Date each week - I recently worked through ‘The Artist’s Way’ book by Julia Cameron. In it she recommends going on an ‘Artists Date’ each week. I have stopped doing it since finishing the book and found it very useful for my creativity so am reintroducing it!

8. Morning Pages - this is another element from ‘The Artist’s Way’ - journaling ideally each morning for 3 pages. I found it useful before and so am resuming this too!

Sketchbook sheep by Alice Draws the line