A day at the beach – Alice Draws The Line

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A day at the beach

Last week I had a day at the beach with my cousin. Despite heavy drizzle when we left Herefordshire we had a dry day at the coast, with a bit of sunshine for an added bonus!

We picnicked at Borth beach - and I sketched

sketching on Borth beach by Alice Draws the Line

Drawn in black ink and then coloured using brush pens (black and grey) and coloured pencils.

Alice Savery of Alice Draws the Line sketching on Borth beach


Later we went to Ynyslas and I drew again there, looking over towards Aberdovey.

Sketching at Ynyslas looking at Aberdovey by Alice Draws the Line

Before we left I also did a speedy sketch of a couple sat in their deckchairs near us. I love the challenge of drawing people quickly - I used to draw people as they walked down a short section of pavement that I could see from my house when I lived in Shrewsbury! I only had about 30 seconds to capture them on paper before they went out of view so it was a speedy exercise!

I forgot to take a photo of my sketch of the couple in their deckchairs.