A golden hour sketching... and jogging adventure! Drawing outside – Alice Draws The Line

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A golden hour sketching… and jogging adventure!

I am not a jogger. I like the idea of it however, and have tried to go for a few runs this year. While on holiday, it was a beautiful evening, Louise went for a run, and so I went for a run... with a difference!
I packed some sketching kit in a brilliant art bum bag that my neighbour gave me recently to see if I could make use of it.
I took my small watercolour set, an A6 sketchbook, my new graphite stick, a water brush and some other pens and bits and pieces (just in case!).
It was such a beautiful evening and the sun broke through the cloud for the most spectacular golden hour while we were out. I stopped at a wooden gate - the perfect width to balance my sketchbook and paints on.
First I drew rough outlines with the graphite.
Sketching at the edge of the field in golden hour by Alice Draws the Line
My unorthodox look - half runner, half artist. 
Jogging with sketching kit by Alice Draws the Line
It was such a lovely location and the appearance of the sun made the fields, hills and trees almost glow. I was blissfully happy leaning on the gate and drawing / painting away.
Sketching location golden hour drawing on a gate by Alice Draws the Line
I worked quickly with the watercolour, just putting colour on the page and not worrying about neatness which was quite liberating. I wanted to enjoy the sun and finish before it set and I got too cold.
Golden hour sketch by Alice Draws the Line, walk to see
I had been quite generous with the paint in both the sketchbook and paint palette and so jogged back to the B&B with the open sketchbook in one hand and the open palette in the other so that both could dry!
Jogging back with the sketchbook by Alice Draws the Line