A rainy Vitamin Tree adventure – Alice Draws The Line

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A rainy Vitamin Tree adventure

Coffee and biscuits in the rain, enamel bug mug by Alice Draws the Line
It was a really rainy outing this one! I met my friend Kath for a catch up and we went first to Park Wood at Hergest Croft and then back up through the gardens to the tea room. But actually, sheltered under an Oak tree it was lovely to sit with a coffee and a biscuit or two. This is my enamel bug mug design which you can find in the shop here.
sketching under a Greek pine
I wasn't sure what to draw today, and the place we sheltered to sketch was under a Greek Pine. Kath suggested I draw what was under my feet. So, I looked down and drew. Despite the sheltered location the rain was getting involved so I didn't spend ages on this one.
Sketching at the tea room by Alice Draws the Line
We relocated to the excellent tea rooms, and sat out on the veranda - it was perfect as we were still in layers and full waterproofs! We had lunch here and I sketched the view.
Sketching from the tearoom at Hergest Croft by Alice Draws the Line
I used colour pencils to colour this one in as they were nice and quick and easy to use, while enjoying a cup of tea or two after lunch!
I also took loads of photos of fungi and light through leaves - but those might have to be a separate post!