Draw The Line, a guide to starting sketching by Alice Draws The Line.

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Draw The Line, a guide to starting sketching by Alice Draws The Line. Drawing challenges for beginners to pick up a pencil and start

Draw The Line a guide to starting sketching by Alice Draws The Line
I have received many lovely comments in the past asking for some guidelines or pointers of how to begin drawing.

I have put this guide together in response to this.
Draw The Line Downloadable beginner's drawing guide by Alice Draws The Line
I strongly believe that the most important thing is just to start, not to worry and put off beginning until you have fancy paper or paints.

This guide has been created based on my in person workshop... just without me and without materials that I provide for that. Many of the exercises remain the same however.

This is something that can be done at home, just using the materials you can find around the house (see the video below for the sorts of things you could use to draw on and with). My hope for this is that it encourages you to find a pencil and have a go. There are a range of exercises to have a go at, all with the aim of making a mark on the page and starting the process of drawing without getting caught up on worrying about the end product.
Beginner's Drawing guide by Alice Draws The Line
This is a 10 page guide for you to do as and how you fancy - all in one go, with others that are around you or that you are in touch with, or on your own. You could do one exercise a day, all in one session or, ideally keep doing one of the exercises each day.
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I think we get a bit caught up up with the idea of whether a drawing is good or not so much so that it prevents us putting pen to paper in the first place. The idea behind this is to literally draw a line on the page and make a start. I'd like to help people to start the process and then have the confidence to carry on.
start drawing guide by Alice Draws The Line
There many short exercises within the guide, the idea behind this is that you don't have the time to overthink anything because otherwise the time will run out and you won't have drawn anything! (However as you are doing this yourself you are ultimately in charge of the time allocation!). We play with different techniques different speeds, different visual stimuli and different scales.
Beginner's drawing guide by Alice Draws The Line