Hedgerow appreciation – Alice Draws The Line

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Hedgerow appreciation

I recently found some of my very old sketchbooks- some from when I finished my A'levels and my year at Hereford Art College doing my Art Foundation course.

I loved re-discovering this piece again - drawn in August 2001 (!) the summer I before I started at Hereford. 

Hedgerow study by Alice Draws the Line from 2001 sketchbook

This picture really made me smile, as it is nearly twenty years old now (not sure how that happened!) and yet it is so similar to the work that I am doing right now.

I've found it really reassuring to see how I have circled back around to things that I have always loved. I'm going to continue to appreciate hedgerows and observe them through the seasons. I've had the idea to do a piece each month - a bit like last year, but this time of hedgerow species. It may become the 2022 calendar - but we'll wait and see on that one.

October Hedgerow appreciation bouquet by Alice Draws The Line

This is a piece that I have recently completed - a hedgerow bouquet, to celebrate the species found while walking during this last month. This one is on A3 watercolour paper.