Morning blog post – Alice Draws The Line

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Morning blog post

Good morning!

I have tea. Earl Grey again. I love tea. I used to work in a tea room on Saturdays during my year at Art College, and then in University holidays. I loved it. They had a huge selection of loose leaf teas and I tried them all over the years. I now have lots of favourites and drink different ones at different times depending how I feel. The classic EG usually helps me start my day though.


Yesterday was nice and productive. I finished the A3 painting I was working on of a wedding bouquet - beautiful autumnal colours in this one.


The sun came out by mid morning and so I had a coffee in the sun - the warmth was amazing and it literally felt like it was recharging my batteries (I think they were a little drained before catching Covid last week and so need a little boost). I could hear the bees on the Ivy flowers and visiting the cosmos, so I watched them while I had my coffee.

 Bee on the cosmos by Alice Draws the Line

I then took the opportunity to work outside at the garden table in the afternoon as it was gloriously warm and no breeze - which meant my paper stayed on the table! I was working on an A4 version of the snowdrops that I sketched earlier in the year. I’d love this style to be a calendar- if it isn’t ready for 2023 I’ll keep developing the idea for 2024.

Snowdrops calendar image in progress by Alice Draws the Line 

I had one order yesterday - sales haven’t been this low in a long time. But I’m thinking what I can do about it. The sale was for one of my favourite enamel mug designs. It was one of the first I made, and I think I love it due to the quantity of green on it - the tree-mendous Autumn one  - you can order one for yourself here!

Tree-Mendous Autumn enamel mug design by Alice Draws the Line 

Today I’m having a day at the studio, preparing for the wedding fair at Ludlow Racecourse tomorrow.

I plan to take card designs that could be customised for weddings, my folder of previous wedding stationery I’ve created, some illustrated wedding flowers and then some pens, ink and watercolour so I can do some lettering illustrations while I’m there.

I’ll also wrap the enamel mug that was ordered yesterday and drop that off at the post office on my way back again.

Have a lovely Friday.