'Seasonal Special' designs – Alice Draws The Line

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'Seasonal Special' designs

I'm really excited to announce the start of something new - I'm going to be doing small print runs of some seasonal special edition mug designs!

After designing the card, I couldn't resist seeing what the Hellebores would look like on mugs... and I'm so pleased with them, I love making new designs, it's one of my favourite parts of this venture.

However the studio is pretty full of mugs already and so keeping even more stock there is proving tricky. I think I may have found a solution...

Seasonal Special Hellebore Enamel mug design by Alice Draws the Line

I am going to work on 'seasonal special' mug editions, created to tie in with the flora at that time of year and only being available in a limited print run. The Hellebores have arrived as the first seasonal release, and there are just a few of each (enamel and China) - once these are gone I'm going to leave them until when they bloom again here.

Seasonal Special design, Hellebore China mug by Alice Draws the Line

So here we have them, all the Hellebores together, the greeting card (blank inside so can be used for any occasional), the Enamel mug and the China mug.
These are only going to sold on my website, you can find them all via this link.

 The Hellebore collection by Alice Draws the Line