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Sketching in the rain

Last Saturday, my friend Kath (aka The Walking Sketchbook) and I went on a wet weather sketching adventure. 

We met at my studio and walked to some nearby Sweet Chestnut trees in Brampton Bryan parkland. 

It was so wet that we wore full waterproofs and both were armed with a large umbrella each.

I found a couple of different positions to draw from, this one (below) being the first. A forked branch above me made the perfect place to hang my umbrella and I was able to sit underneath it in the dry. I had a seating mat with me as I didn't trust how waterproof my trousers were, plus it provides a bit of comfort.

Sketching in the rain by Alice Draws the Line, kit I took with me

For this adventure I took a giant clipboard with me - about A3 in size, and some different sized bits of lining paper, some ink, a little water pot and one of my homemade feather quills.

Using my homemade feather quill to sketch outside in the rain by Alice Draws the Line
Kath sat by another tree with her umbrella sheltering her kit. I drew her drawing, and the trees in between us. The rain from the branch above me (under the umbrella) had dripped onto my drawing which added to the fun and I combined it into the picture.
Drawing with Katherine @TheWalkingSketchbook under the sweet chestnuts in the rain
I then changed to a different position, leaning against another tree, this time holding my umbrella in my left hand while drawing with my right. 
Sketching in the rain, drawing out and about by Alice Draws the Line, home made feather quill
On the drawing board outside amongst the trees, kit used by Alice Draws the Line
Drawing underneath the umbrella, sketching in the rain by Alice Draws the Line
While I worked on another one I clipped this onto the spokes of the umbrella so it could dry and away from the rain which worked well! The clips were really useful to hold the paper on the board and then for this purpose - I took several with me.
Portable drying rack - an umbrella used while sketching outside in the rain by Alice Draws the Line
I also took a graphite stick with me - still inspired from this book I'd enjoyed looking at while in Aberystwyth at the B&B. The other excellent addition was genius and provided by Kath - a Tunnocks caramel wafer - a great sketching snack.
Sketching resources for drawing outside by Alice Draws the Line