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2022... Some starting points for my year ahead

Hello, and, if you are reading this in real time, Happy New Year! We are just over a week into 2022 and I've been mulling over 2021 and thinking about this year ahead. 


As we all know a little to well, things change, all the time and so I full accept, and even anticipate that my plans this year may change!

First of all, New Year's resolutions. I know many people hate them, but I love a resolution. After all, that's how Alice Draws the Line came to be - deciding to do a drawing a day for a year, back in 2008 initially, and then in 2013 and I've continued since. 

It won't surprise you to learn that I have decided to carry on with my daily drawing habit. I like it best when I draw from life, and I also like it if I draw earlier in the day, take longer over it and use more than just  pen - but any of those all count, doing something each day is the important bit to me.

Along with the drawing a day, I am trying to make sure I walk for at least 10 minutes a day - usually I do, but there were a few too many days last year that I didn't do even that and I missed it. So, setting the bar low at 10 minutes hopefully means I just get on and get outside.

The other thing I am trying to do daily is 10 minutes of reading- another thing that I love, but if I'm not careful days and then weeks and then months can go by and I haven't read anything! This started well but then I finished my book and haven't yet started the next one - so I'll do that when I finish writing this!

I've decided to start the year with three main foci/ areas that I am going to think a lot about and put energy into.

1. My daily drawing and lettering

2. Illustrated bouquets

3. Taking a course in children's Picture Book Illustration

I've also been thinking about having a word of the year, to help keep me focussed, and the word I've chosen is explore. I'm keen to explore where I can take my daily drawings (course for others?) and lettering (lettering for...?!). To explore where I can take my illustrated bouquets - at present I've just being doing them via word of mouth. Explore in relation to the picture book course seems to fit perfectly - why not explore this! I started an idea for a picture book back in 2006 and it's sat on a shelf since! I also illustrated an idea for a book that my sister had and I think it might be time to return to that too!

Explore works for walking and reading too which is pleasing!

Word of the Year for 2022 by Alice Draws the Line