2023 Wall Calendar – Alice Draws The Line

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2023 Wall Calendar


I thought I might just talk you through the 2023 wall calendar so you can see what you get on each month, and a little bit behind it. And so, this is the Robin for January, sitting amongst the Hellebores. So we've got a seasonal species for each month.

(Sorry about the road!) February we've got a stoat in the snowdrops with a little paw full of snowdrops ready for Valentine's Day because he's stoat-ally devoted!

In March we've got a Hare and another bunch of flowers, this time Daffodils.

April we have a mouse in the bluebells sporting a very fetching little Bluebell hat there as well. In May, spring wildflowers- which I love and there are three bees to find in this one!

June we've got the foxes- you might recognize the Vixen from my ‘Foxy Lady’ card, and they are amongst the foxgloves, wearing foxglove crowns as well.

July we've got the summer grasses, and I've hidden lots of different mini beasts in here! My favourite is the grasshopper who's very well hidden -but I'll leave that one for you to find!

August we've got the badgers because the badges apparently badges love eating blackberries so that's what they're doing here.

September we've gone for red squirrels, and they're drinking a ‘cupule of coffee’ at the ‘cupule of coffee cafe!’ and they've got a little menu on the table says they can have a hazelnut coffee a Walnut coffee or some almond milk, so those are their options.

October- we've got three Jays on the haul of acorns, ready for the winter.

November we've got hedgehogs juggling rosehips, a little reminder to check your bonfires for hedgehogs in November.
(Sorry about the birds- I’m filming this in the garden!) and December we've got this stag and a robin in December as well as some Holly, Ivy and mistletoe.

So there you are! I’m posting them all out first class and I've got a few more, that are arriving on Monday and I'll be posting them out then as well.