A Christmas card from me to you – Alice Draws The Line

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A Christmas card from me to you

I've written you a Christmas card, you can watch it here on YouTube or read it in the images or text below -A Christmas Card for you, from Alice Draws the Line
A Christmas Card 2020 from Alice Draws the Line
Wishing you a Happy
Christmas & a 2021 full
of good things
love from
I just wanted to say a little hello
today - wherever you are reading this &
whoever you are with - or not with. This
day might not look like you had
hoped it would earlier in the year - I
know mine doesn't.
Still, I hope you find some joy today
...if you are with others - enjoy them. If
you can't be with them, send them love-
however possible; talk, text or thought.
I plan to go for a walk - I often
challenge myself to spot as many
different colours in nature that I can. 
I also plan to spend some time sitting
quietly and enjoying a hot drink - why
change the habit I nurture the rest of the
year?! Thank you for your encouragement
& support during the weird year of 2020,
best wishes, Alice x