Black ink instead of Black Friday, original artworks for sale – Alice Draws The Line

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Black ink instead of Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the last Friday of November. It has become a big online shopping day, where there are many offers and deals and even sales. 

I've considered doing this with my little business, but I just doesn't feel it's fair on my loyal customers who pay full price for the rest of the year, and also I find it really hard to make it financially viable.

So instead, I used today as the motivation to get some of the black ink sketches that I have done online and available to buy. 

I've really enjoyed making these - they are a different style to my 'usual' and it's been really fun to create them. 

As I type they are in the shop, but I thought I'd put them here as a record too. 

They vary in size and in medium. All have black ink involved, some have other things too. I'll put the approximate size and what I used underneath the images. 

I already have some ideas for some new pictures and I'm excited to start on those when I've uploaded these pictures.

Grasses bouquet by Alice Draws the Line, black ink original, drawn with a homemade feather quill

These grasses are A4 and drawn with one of my homemade quill pens (now sold).

Grasses bouquet, black and gold ink by Alice Draws the Line

This one is also A4 on watercolour paper and has a black and gold ink background, also drawn with the quill.

Bracken study by Alice Draws the Line, black ink with gold

This piece is approximately A5 in size, a Bracken study in black ink with gold in the background too. There are more images of each of these with the product listings in the shop area, and taken at different angles so you can see how the light plays on the gold.

 These two are A6 bracken studies, drawn with the quill and both with a black and gold ink background.

Poppy seed heads by Alice Draws the Line
Pine cone black ink original artwork by Alice Draws the LineA6 bee study by Alice Draws the Line black and gold ink study

 These three are A6 studies, all with black and gold ink and drawn with the quill pen.

The Hen by Alice Draws the Line, original black ink drawing

This is 'The Hen', approximately A3 in size and drawn with the quill pen on watercolour paper. There is black ink, white ink, charcoal, pastel, gouache and pencils used in this one.

3 Hens by Alice Draws the Line, black ink original, A3 available artwork

And finally the '3 Hens'. I have always loved looking at chickens, watching them move and going about their business. This one is also approximately A3, on cartridge paper, black, gold, white ink, red and silver watercolour. The quill pen was involved in this one too.


This collection of pictures can be found in the 'Black Ink Originals' section of the website.