Brush Lettering at the Oriel Davies Gallery - delivery day! – Alice Draws The Line

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Brush Lettering at the Oriel Davies Gallery - delivery day!

Alice Savery delivering Brush Lettering poems to the Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown
Here I am, delivering the poems to the gallery. It felt nice that I physically picked up a print out of each of the poems from the gallery and returned with them in this new form.
I completed all the poems in my studio in Brampton Bryan, you can see the title page and some of the poems behind me in the image below. Kate asked if I would be able to do some lettering in the gallery and so I prepped a little blurb about me to write out on the day I delivered the poems.

Alice Savery Brush Lettering at Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown

The wall on the left in the above photo is where they will be displayed. 

I took the drawing board with me, and the laser level and it's special balancing set up!

Alice Savery at the Oriel Davies Gallery brush lettering, Alice Draws the Line, Modern Calligraphy

It was lovely working in the gallery space and it felt good to take the poems there and put them ready for where they will be displayed this week ready for the exhibition to open on the 5th February.

Alice Draws the Line Brush Lettering at the Oriel Davies Gallery, hand lettering at the gallery by Alice Savery

This is the little bit about me that I wrote out while I was there - as my sister said to me via text last week 'I feel like your dreams are coming true! Handwriting for a living!'. This has been a really enjoyable project.

Alice Draws the Line at the Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Brush Lettering for the exhibition 'A Sense of Place' February 2022

The below video shows some real-time footage of some of the lettering I did in the gallery. It's not a fast process! One of the poems took two hours to write out!

A Sense of Place Exhibition information runs from 5th -26th February. You can it at the bottom of this page on the Oriel Davies Gallery website. 

 Should you be interested in learning how to do some lovely lettering at home you might be interested in my ‘Lovely Lettering’ online / digital workshop .