Dandelions – Alice Draws The Line

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Dandelions have really caught my eye this year. I have found I have drawn them a lot recently. 
Here are some that I drew using procreate on the iPad (something I'm still getting used to).
Digital dandelion illustrations by Alice Draws the Line
From here, and something I was reading about Courage, this character appeared! Dandy, the Lion. 
Dandy Lion by Alice Draws the Line
I carried on playing about with this character and idea, trying to create a GIF as well as creating this little collection of courageous (and cheeky) lion friends. 
Dandelions together by Alice Draws the Line
Dandelions have also snuck into a big painting I have begun, so I think they might hang about for a while yet!
Yesterday, when I went for a walk in the rain I spotted these - amazing star shapes left behind after the dandelion seeds have flown away. 
Dandelion stars after seeds by Alice Draws the Line
And if you fancy watching me drawing a Dandelion, there's this video I created on YouTube.