Going big and not going home - sketching outside on a larger scale – Alice Draws The Line

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Going big and not going home...

I have a confession. 

I get quite self conscious. Generally. But also when drawing, especially out and about. My default is often a tiny sketchbook and pen, mainly for convenience as it fits easily into a pocket and is discrete... but also because it is inconspicuous.

However, I love drawing outside. I like trying to draw people as they go about their business, I like capturing scenes, I enjoy the challenge of drawing quickly and using free and lively lines. I also like the idea of working big. 

I've always been drawn to art of this nature - with Quentin Blake's work being up at the top of my admiration tree. 

So, I've been venturing out with a bigger sketchbook this week. An A3 one. 

The awkward size and weight of this means I don't want to hold it for too long. This means that drawing quickly works well. Working swiftly doesn't allow me to overthink where to put each line and I find the energetic result pleasing.

I also went for two walks with my cousin, as well as the giant sketchbook. Having company meant that I didn't want to waste hours of her time and so working swiftly came about through that intention too.

Here are some of the images from those outings. 

The first was down the lane from the studio. It poured and we hid under an oak tree, the perfect shelter to start drawing under. It stopped and the sun came out which was kind as I was happy for this piece to be one that I did without the rain's involvement.

Drawing outside with a big sketchbook mid walk by Alice Draws the Line

Alice Draws the Line sketching outside quick, relaxed ink studies

Inky landscape drawing outside with Alice Draws the Line

It's just possible to see in this picture that I added some words in to help remember colours and species in different parts of the sketch.

The next adventure the A3 sketchbook went on was to the top of the hill later in the week.

Alice Draws the Line sketching outdoors in Herefordshire

This time we found good logs to sit on at the furthest part of the walk and so had a rest and I sketched. I added watercolour and more ink on this one.

Working on location with ink and watercolours, sketching outdoors with Alice Draws the Line

A small log pile made a handy stand for the sketchbook to take a photo before we headed homeward.

Outdoor sketching with Alice Draws the Line, the Herefordshire Way

My generous application of watercolour meant that the first part of the return leg looked like this! As soon as it was dry enough it went back in the bag which made things a lot easier!

Walking home with the sketchbook with Alice Draws the Line