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Illustrated Wedding Bouquets

Preservation through Illustration, preserving your wedding bouquet, button hole or significant blooms through illustration - modern botanical illustration by Alice Draws the Line. Wedding bouquet preservation

Commission my bouquet Illustration!

Bespoke artwork as a means of preserving your wedding flowers.
This is a beautiful and original way of preserving your wedding bouquet, or button holes or any blooms of significance (a loved one’s favourite flowers or a funeral bouquet). 
From photographs to illustration
Working from photographs of the original flowers, I create an original ink and watercolour piece for you to keep, preserving the flowers forever. 
This might just be a memory for you, or a first anniversary present (paper wedding anniversary), or a wedding present that you gift to the happy couple.
Wedding Bouquets, buttonholes and other blooms
I have a range of options available for different sized artwork and types of floral arrangements. A buttonhole can be drawn at either A5 or A4.
Wedding flowers / bouquets can be drawn on A4 / A3 and A2.

Order now!

Preservation through Illustration by Alice Draws the Line, preserving wedding bouquets, button holes and blooms of signification through artwork, creating original ink and watercolour pieces to remember your special flowers
How do I commission my blooms to be drawn?
I work from photographs to create the artwork. It is important therefore that you
a) send me a photo of the flowers you want drawn
b) where possible send more than one image so there is as much information to work from. Your florist (if you used one) might have taken an image which might be possible for me to work from. Please let me know the name of the florist if this is the case.
c) say if there is a photo that shows them from an angle you want it documented
d) if you know the flower species do let me know as I can look them up if need be
e) if the colours vary in the photos, or if the photographs don’t accurately represent the colours of the flowers it is important you let me know so I can paint them as accurately as possible.
When you order, you will receive a commission form as an instant download (please check your emails - including the spam / junk folder for this!). You will then be able to complete this form and return it to me (Alice) along with the photo/s for me to work from.


There are some images of past illustrations below, do please have a good look at these so you can see my style of working.
Groom’s buttonhole, preserved as original artwork by Alice Draws the Line Father of the bride’s button hole, preserved through illustration by Alice Draws the Line, original artwork