Planning for play - building in time for experimental art – Alice Draws The Line

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Planning for play

It sounds like an oxymoron but I'm planning some time for play. I'm scheduling in some time next week, and hopefully every month to play with different mediums, different scales and different styles in my work. 

I have realised that it is surprisingly easy to become nestled into a niche, make it comfortable... and stay there! Which is fine and I like my work and hopefully others do too, but I think it is important to keep checking there aren't things that I might like to be creating even more

In October 2019 I challenged myself to do an abstract piece a day for the whole month. It challenged me and some I really loved and some I wasn't a fan of at all. 

Preceding this I'd done two two pieces which was part of the trigger for doing the month long project. 

I have these two in the studio. The first is this one - 

Alice Draws the Line Abstract piece, Colours of Joy 2019

it is A3 in size and it site on the packaging desk, propped up against my whiteboard with my to-do list on and any other reminders - the key thing here is that it is in my eye line and I look at it a lot during each day. There are lots of details that I really like and find my eye drawn to - 

Alice Draws the Line abstract detail- the contrast of paint and paper Abstract detail by Alice Draws the Line, the weight of ink Alice Draws The Line - abstract detail, greens and lines

The second, similar piece is next to a little bureau I have in the studio. Again, it is in my eyeline and so I look at it a lot when I'm sitting there. This one is slightly smaller and on a canvas.

Alice Draws The Line abstract on canvas 1

This has the addition of gold ink which catches the light at different angles - which you can see in this image

Alice Draws The Line Abstract on canvas 2

The gold is something that I have played about with in some botanical illustration pieces since and below is a new abstract piece that I loved creating and that is currently in the inspiration station.

Grey and gold by Alice Draws the Line Grey and gold abstract by Alice Draws the Line 2
Even as I type this I have some oak leaves in a vase on my table that are just begging to be turned into a picture - on A3 or bigger using acrylics, inks, pencils and who knows what else! I have bookmarked two half days next week for new experiments and I'm really looking forward to them already.
Abstract piece by Alice Draws the Line, pin for later  Planning for play in Art by Alice Draws The Line pin