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Sharing is caring

There are many small businesses and artists that I love. There are lots that I have followed for many years. During that time my budget has never been very big and so investing in their work hasn't always been an option for me...And that's ok!

Now that I am an artist something that I think is worth saying is that fact that you can support artists and small businesses, even if you don't have a budget to invest in anything. 

With the creation of social media; Instagram and Facebook and platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest it is possible to view, admire and even make a virtual collection via a 'board' on Pinterest or a 'saved collection' on Instagram for you to enjoy. The best bit about all these platforms is that it means that you can share the work of those that you enjoy the work of. 

The power of sharing is often underrated.

To me, sharing is caring for artists and small businesses. Sharing their work helps others to discover then and support them on their journey too. The more people that know about that person, small business or company can then share the word and hopefully some of those may be able to invest - even if it is something small, or at a much later date when they can comfortably invest.

Sharing is caring for small businesses by Alice Draws The Line

There are many ways that you can help small business for free, through sharing. Before going into the ways of sharing, it is really important that you share directly from their original source - their page or website etc. so that others can then reverse the route and find their way to the creator of the piece. On many social medial platforms you can share the name of the business or artist themselves too which makes it even easier. 

So, ways that you can support a small business or artist for free include - 

- Forward their newsletter on to a friend that might enjoy it

- Share their Facebook page on your profile

- Share an Instagram picture that you like of theirs to your Instagram stories (use the little paper aeroplane icon to do this).

- 'Pin' pictures of theirs that you like on Pinterest - you can make a wish-list or gallery or inspiration collection on Pinterest (it's like a digital scrapbook!). The joy of this means that others can see the picture and can easily trace the breadcrumbs  back to their website or Etsy shop for example. 

- Share their YouTube videos if you like them.

- Just mention it in conversation or share a link in an e-mail or message

Sharing will enable others to see, like and follow and maybe do the same or even buy from that person or business. 

This is how Sharing is Caring for small businesses.

Sharing is caring for artists and small businesses by Alice Draws The Line


Here is a video of me writing out the 'Sharing is caring' using a paintbrush and black ink - you can watch it by clicking here