Sketching in a field – Alice Draws The Line

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Sketching in a field

The other day I went for a walk from the studio. I popped my A6 sketchbook, pen and watercolours in the pocket of my dungarees (-the fact that these fit in here is an exciting new discovery!) and took some tea too. 
Art supplies in dungaree pocket by Alice Draws The line
There is something wonderful about working outdoors. I often fool myself into thinking that I need more kit or more time than I do - my favourite results are often created using a small piece of paper and just a pen and drawn quickly - no fretting or over stressing the situation. 
Alice Draws the Line sketching on a field edge
Many of my favourite artists work outdoors, in all weathers and sometimes quickly too. Some do their completed works all outdoors, and others use the studies for inspiration for later pieces. If I ever feel a bit stagnant or unmotivated I just have a look at some of their work or images of them drawing outside via social media and instantly want to be out and creating too. 
Field sketching by Alice Draws the Line, sketchbook study
Here are some artists that sketch outside that I’d recommend checking out.
My friend Katherine Owen is a brilliant advocate for drawing and creating outside in and with nature. She has a wonderful social medial handle called ‘The Walking Sketchbook’ and has created a global event called ‘Sketch Across the World’ which is taking place on the 4th and 5th September 2021. You can find out more about this and how to join in -wherever you are, over on Kath’s website
Author and Illustrator Helen Stephens created a hashtag for social media called #walktosee for drawings made on location. She also has some good tips for illustrators here on her website. 
Dr Ali Foxon did a wonderful TED Talk called ‘Drawn to love nature’ where she talks about reconnecting with nature and about #GreenSketching, it’s a brilliant 15 minutes that I think you’d enjoy checking out. She has a great website and a free resource on how to draw a dandelion you can download to help you get out there and get started drawing outside.
If you use Instagram I’d also recommend following Emily Powell who regularly draws on the seafront and on location in Devon. She shows that you can take whatever you like with you and don’t have to just take a small sketchbook and pen... but a whole trolley full of goodies including canvasses and easels if you fancy. Really inspiring and an explosion of colour and joy!
There are so many more but these are a good place to start!