The Greenhouse drawings – Alice Draws The Line

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The Greenhouse drawings

I'm sure I'm not alone in seeking out the small pleasures in this weird time we find ourselves in. 


My new favourite joy is ...the Greenhouse.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I ventured into the greenhouse for the first time this season. I had a clear up and found a few remnants of last summer's green-fingered efforts. 

The greenhouse drawings by Alice Draws The Line

It's not a huge greenhouse, and half of it is used as storage for things that just haven't got a suitable place to live elsewhere, but I think it's a little haven.

It is warm, light and turns out to be a lovely spot to set up a little space to draw - which is exactly what I did yesterday. 

The greenhouse drawings by Alice Draws The Line

I took a chair, a cushion, my watercolour paper, paints and some coloured pencils and along with my vase of flowers and an audio book I spent some blissful time sketching away in what felt like a little bubble.

There isn't much space for drawing paraphernalia as there pots that I have planted some seeds in. They are a bit of gamble - a mix of seeds of all types, ages and origins but they may as well be in some compost and we'll see what happens.

As the physical products in my shop aren't available at present I'm working on building a collection of original pieces, which will be on sale in the future. This is why these are on watercolour paper rather than the good ole sketchbook.

Alice Draws the Line greenhouse set up 

 French Beans growing in the greenhouse by Alice Draws The Line