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- At present many workshops are being postponed due to the pandemic. If you are interested in attending a workshop in the future please let Alice know and she can let you know when new dates are confirmed. New workshop dates will be announced via my newsletter.

Alice's studio is based in Brampton Bryan, a small village balanced on the borders of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys, the postcode is SY70DH. There is space in the studio to run workshops for 2-4 people. These will mainly be arranged with Alice directly please contact Alice if that is of interest to you.

Workshops at the Alice Draws the Line Studio, Modern Calligraphy, Hand lettering, beginners botanical watercolour and draw the line workshops

-Workshops at Alice's Studio-


I run the following four workshops (more could be possible!). For more information please see the accompanying blog posts for each workshop. 

Each workshop is approximately 1.5 hours long, but we generally allow for 2 hours so there is a relaxed feel. Workshops held at Alice's studio will also mean there is 10% off any Alice Draws the Line products bought while at the studio.


Modern Calligraphy workshops with Alice Draws The Line using a dip pen

Modern Calligraphy - using a dip pen

This is perfect if you are interested in learning how to use a dip pen to create lovely hand lettering. This is a beginner's workshop to modern calligraphy where you learn the basic techniques and have fun experimenting with your new skill. All kit is included.

Brush Lettering workshops by Alice Draws The Line, Modern Calligraphy, hand lettering workshops

Brush Lettering - modern calligraphy with a paint brush

Fancy trying your hand at brush lettering? This workshop is designed as an introduction to using a brush and ink to create a modern hand lettering style. All kit is included and yours to take away. This includes a brush, pencil, ink, guide sheets and papers.

Beginner's Botanical Watercolour Workshop by Alice Draws the Line

Beginner's Botanical Watercolour Workshop

We’ll keep things simple with this introductory workshop, learning basic watercolour techniques and playing with botanical motifs using only the colour green! We can experiment with creating watercolour wreaths, place names, botanical letters and more. All materials are provided and yours to keep. There is a blog post about this that you can read here.

Draw the Line beginner's drawing workshop by Alice Draws the Line

Draw the Line - a beginner's drawing workshop

This is a beginner’s workshop designed to help you to start drawing. No experience is necessary and with all materials provided and yours to take away, we’ll have a play about in a sketchbook considering how we can look at things and record them through lines on the page. We’ll do a range of exercises that you can practice at home.


Modern Calligraphy workshops with Alice Draws The Line, hand lettering workshops, brush lettering, dip pen calligraphy workshops

If you would like me to run a workshop in your own venue, please do get in touch - this can be anything from a birthday treat for a couple of you, or a small gathering around a kitchen table or a hen do!

Workshops with Alice Draws The Line