A Robin for company – Alice Draws The Line

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A Robin for company

At the start of the year I met up with my friend Kath (The Walking Sketchbook) to sketch outdoors. We had the brilliant idea to put another date in the diary to make sure we made it a regular thing. 

This week we met up again. I was lucky enough to meet Kath’s Robin - a beautiful feathered friend that regularly comes to find her when she is out locally. The Robin likes to sit near Kath when she creates and this time the Robin came to see what I was up to too!

Alice and the Robin photo taken by Katherine Owen, the Walking Sketchbook

You might be able to see that I’m holding my breath in this picture - I didn’t want to scare her away so sat super still while she observed me! (Picture by Kath).

Kath’s Robin - observing us sketching

The Robin hopped about as we both sketched, and spent time sitting on the same bench as Kath and observing what I was up to nearby. (Photo by Kath).

Quick sketches to try and capture some of the Robin’s movements

I was trying to do lots of quick sketches to capture the poses - I’ve just noticed that you can see the Robin on the lower part of the bench in the background!

Some more Robin sketches, ink and watercolour by Alice Draws the Line

Some more sketches - this time with some added watercolour.