Black Friday alternative, black ink artwork by Alice Draws the Line – Alice Draws The Line

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Black Friday alternative

Last November, instead of participating in a Black Friday sale, I made a selection of artwork using predominantly black ink. These I launched for sale on the Black Friday weekend. 

I really enjoyed this and so am planning to do the same this year. 

Last week, one of my very good friends donated me some old art materials that they no longer require. Included in the selection was a pot of ink. Coincidentally I was also donated some huge sheets of paper last week by someone local to the studio.

On Friday I set about experimenting with them both. 

Using a selection of brushes and papers I have been playing with patterns that I can create. The idea of feathers has emerged and this is the start of something that has come from the inky experiments so far. 

This owl is just an initial idea and is just temporarily attached to the landscape. I do like the way it hovers in front of the image though and it is currently hanging in the studio for me to contemplate ready for more work soon. 

I'm trying to allocate time each week to develop ideas and experiment. This often slips by and gets elbowed out by admin tasks but I have decided to try and put a bit of time to exactly this each Friday - as Fun Time Friday - we'll see how it goes. I'm putting it here for accountability!

 Fun Time Friday inky experiments with Alice Draws the Line, Black Friday preparations