My Raffle Painting – Alice Draws The Line

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My Raffle Painting

Alice drawing the sunflower bouquet at Malvern Autumn Show, Alice Draws the Line raffle prize
As you might be aware, I attended Malvern Autumn Show at the end of September. I thought it might be nice to be drawing while there and to sell raffle tickets so someone could win the final picture (more about this in my previous blog post). 
Sunflower bouquet in progress at Malvern Autumn show by Alice Draws the Line
I thought I'd write this follow up post to show how the painting turned out. Above is part way through.
the winning raffle ticket for the sunflower bouquet drawn by Alice Draws the Line
And this is the winning number!
Final piece by Alice Draws the Line, sunflower bouquet drawn at Malvern Autumn Show
... and the final piece!