See Us Hear Us Exhibition at Leominster Library, Brush Lettering – Alice Draws The Line

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See us Hear us

I've recently had the pleasure of being involved with the 'See us hear us' project, funded by Historic England and Leominster Roars . This is a project of 'words, poetry and photography of what we love about Leominster'.
It was brilliantly carried out by Toni Cook who interviewed people, Martha Grubb who captured people's portraits and poetry by Laura Ding-Edwards . My role was to write out some of the quotes using large scale brush lettering 🖌😍✍
The exhibition is now up in Leominster Library and it is there until the 3rd March.
A lovely project to be part of.
Here are some images of my element of the work, in progress at the studio and at the exhibition. You can see a short video showing some of these images here.
See us hear us exhibition in Leominster featuring brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line
If you are local and plan to visit, Leominster Library opening hours can be found here (closed on Wednesday and Sunday).
Planning out the brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line
To begin with, I wrote out each of the quotes that I had and played with spacing and styles. We wanted the words to become art in themselves so used different styles of writing and mixed lower case and upper case to make it interesting to look at. 
brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line working out spaces and scale
Next, I scaled this to the size of the paper that the final work would be on - some are A1 and some are A2 - this was chosen by the length of the quote.
brushes and ink at the ready for brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line
Then it was time for ink and the brushes. I like to mix a black fountain pen ink with water to create a varying greyscale - just to add even more interest to the brushstrokes themselves.
Brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line using a template and lightbox
For these I made a template and attached that to the watercolour paper and worked with a lightbox underneath.
brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line
I love the look of wet ink on the page - especially with the greyscale as it looks different when it is wet and when it dries - so there is a bit of magic and mystery in the process.
Brush lettering for the See Us Hear us project with Leominster Roars by Alice Draws the Line
The A1 pieces of paper drying on the workshop table while I worked on the next one.
The brush lettering accompanies the portrait photographs taken by Martha and the quotes collected by Toni and all sit alongside the poetry by Laura.
Leominster Library See Us Hear Us exhibition, brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line
The exhibition starts on the stairs of the library and continues around the walls at the top. It's really interesting to read all the quotes and look at all the portraits - and work out the locations if you are local.
See us hear us exhibition at Leominster Library, brush lettering by Alice Draws the Line
The exhibition is free to see and is up until March 3rd 2023.