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Downloadable calendars

2022 is just around the corner and as well as having this wall calendar for sale...

(which you can find here!) I have once again released my Downloadable calendar, which you receive as an instant download and can print at home.

Downloadable calendar by Alice Draws the Line

I was recently contacted by someone that had bought my calendar previously. She has made a reclaimed wood frame for the images and laminates the dates so they can be written on and wiped off if plans change (like a whiteboard). I thought this was such a lovely, original idea that I'd share it here (with her permission). 

Downloadable calendar idea, calendar by Alice Draws the Line

I think this is such a fun idea! For those of you that have bought the calendar before and want to re-use the images, I've updated just the dates which you can find here too.

The dates only version only needs black ink to print and is like the above (just for 2022!). You can use them to accompany photographs or pictures of your choosing. Or you might be like me and like to have monthly date spreads for your bullet journal. You can use them for that too - so many options!

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