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A word from Alice - studio stories from Alice Draws the Line

  • My Raffle Painting

    As you might be aware, I attended Malvern Autumn Show at the end of September. I thought it might be nice to be drawing while there and to sell raffle tickets so someone could win the final picture (more about this in my previous blog post). 
    I thought I'd write this follow up post to show how the painting turned out. Here you can see the painting part way through, with the winning raffle ticket and the final piece!
  • Malvern Autumn Show

    On Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2022, I'll be at the Malvern Autumn Show.

    While I am there I will be starting and working on a painting of some locally grown flowers. 

    It will be an A3 piece, on watercolour paper, drawn in pen and ink and coloured with watercolour. 

    I am doing this so people can see how I produce my work - and because I love seeing other artists at work when I'm visiting places!

    I have decided to create this piece as a raffle prize, and so for the price of £1 you can be in with a chance of winning the painting. 

  • Speedy Sketches at Malvern Spring Show

    I had a great time visiting the RHS Malvern Spring Show on the 8th May. My cousin and I had a great day, and at the end of it we sat at a picnic table and had a cup of tea and a pastry and I got my sketchbook out. We were sat out of the way but near a walkway that led to one of the gates.